Christ-Centered Exposition. Exalting Jesus in GALATIANS. 9:45–10:30 am

This is a smaller class going through the book of Galatians, chapter by chapter. The basis for our studies is the Christ-Centered Exposition commentary by David Platt and Tony Merida.

In this class we look at what God has done for the Galatians and He still do for us today. The study is focused on the sufficient, salvific grace of Christ, how to apply this knowledge in our everyday life, and how this grace should look like in our lives. In our class we not only look at Scripture but also spend time on prayer.



From Genesis to Esther

This is a larger class that combines different ages. The class is taught by two great teachers each one teaching a different month.

We are looking at how God prepared and chose Abram to establish his people and how Israel's history evolved from Abram calling all the way the the Book of Esther, focusing on God's grace and plan to bless every family in Christ Jesus.



Our children’s Sunday school meets during the worship service (10:30 am–12:00 pm), but they are welcome to participate in any of the adult classes.